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This guide has been created to offer you a helping hand by giving you quick and easy access to relevant organisations, supporting you to make your life just a little easier at a time when you need it most. 


Grief can leave us feeling emotionally and physically exhausted. Everyday tasks can feel overwhelming, let alone the myriad of steps we need to go through when we are faced with losing a loved one. It can be a complicated and challenging process so a Bereavement Checklist is also included to make sure you don’t miss any important aspects.


Here's what others have to say about it:


"My mind was in a complete haze after I lost my husband, I believe it's called 'grief fog.' This handy guide was bought for me and I found it really helpful to have everything listed in one place rather than having to search all over the internet. Great idea, highly recommend it"


"I found the Finance section in this guide to be invaluable. It pointed me in the direction where I could easily access help, I even got some money towards the funeral costs"


"Great course, so much stuff we don't know about until we're faced with bereavement. Really helpful, short, to the point but great tips, advice and contacts. The Bereavement Checklist is handy"

Support with practical & financial matters

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