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  • The Life After Loss Series



    Coping with grief: A Survival Kit

    An online bereavement guide to support you through the difficult and painful journey of grief. The course is broken down into five key
    sections, each with short, bite-size videos accompanied by a careful selection of tools and techniques for you to go through in your own time.


    It can offer you the companionship and understanding that you are seeking in a safe, supportive and loving way – no judgement, no
    meaningless platitudes, just acceptance and belief that you will find your own way through grief.

  • The Life After Loss Series

    Mini Course


    Support with practical & financial matters

    Not only is grief overwhelming and complex but coupled with the multitude of tasks that need to happen, and often quickly following a
    death, it can be extremely taxing and difficult to know where to start and how to get support.


    This mini-course provides you with everything you need to know from the first few days to the weeks ahead. It is a one- stop resource covering information about funerals, wills, finances and managing debts and quick links to useful phone numbers and websites.

  • Support for HR and

    Line Managers


    Bereavement in the workplace

    The world as we knew it completely changed when Covid-19 struck. Suddenly we were hearing a lot more about grief.


    Never before has it been a more important time to educate HR & Line Managers to learn how to safely and sensitively manage bereavement in the workplace. This is a must for any company who claims to support employee wellbeing as the importance of understanding the impact of bereavement fits under the wider umbrella of mental health.


    The course allows for the learning to take place in your own time offering flexibility for today’s busy manager.

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