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No one should grieve alone. When faced with the loss of a loved one, we need time, compassion and understanding. This course won’t rush you, take all the time you need …. And know that it’s more than ok to require help for the difficult road ahead.


I understand your pain, your hurt. Sadly, I can’t take it all away but it truly is my hope to at least accompany and support you through your own journey with grief.


Here’s how others have said it’s supported them too:


"I’ve experienced grief several times in my life, and I know this story will always repeat as it’s part of our journey. However every time it happens, it creates that same turmoil, that desolation and incapability to deal with my emotions. This course has been an oasis in my desert! It brings a very well designed structure that made me face and understand my grief through a deeper and liberating perspective. It’s very comforting and compassionate the way Julia talks about grief - it makes me trust her and feel her company as my process unfolds. Try it!’


"Normally I'm generally not a big fan of video courses and I tend to prefer reading material but I really liked this course and found for this kind of a topic, having someone talk to me about it was really important and comforting, especially as Julia shared her own experiences which made it feel really personal ... it was really helpful to hear her talk about all aspects of grief, even the more challenging ones ... I have been through all the exercises, and particularly enjoyed reflecting on the drawing activity ... I would really recommend the course to anyone, particularly in the early stages of grief."

Coping with grief: A Survival Kit

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