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Life After Loss Series

Sample video from Part 1


This course will help people who:


   -   have experienced the loss of a loved one and are struggling to get through each day

   -   find it hard to recognise their own needs and are unable to identify how others can help them

   -   feel physically and mentally drained and find it difficult to recognise themselves

   -   are experiencing feelings of anxiety and unable to rest or sleep properly

   -   are keeping up a brave face/coping to the outside world but inside they are crumbling

   -   feel alone, misunderstood and judged by others

   -   want to express their pain but don’t know how to or who might listen to them

   -   feel overwhelmed by mixed-up and fluctuating emotions including anger, rage, guilt, relief, intense sadness, despondency ….    -   can’t see the purpose of life without their loved one in it

   -   are wondering if they’ll ever be able to feel ‘normal’ again 

   -   are wanting to feel understood, nurtured and supported through their grief

The benefits of this course:


This course will comfort and help you to cope with the death of a loved one which can truly devastate our lives. It can offer companionship and understanding in a safe, supportive and loving way – no judgement, no meaningless platitudes, no intention of helping you to ‘move on.’


It’s called a ‘Survival Kit’ because it offers rational explanations of grief to help you understand that everything you feel is normal and serves as a resource to provide you with practical tools and techniques that can help you through even those darkest days until hopefully, the days and months start to feel a little easier.


We know that the grief journey is long, complex and never really ends and the aim of this course is to help you to navigate your own way through grief, in whatever way feels right for you.


The course lasts for around 3 hours but is divided up into small, bite-sized videos that make it manageable and easily accessible without being overwhelming.


Although inspired by my own experience, I blend my coaching methods with research from experienced grief therapists and grief writers to give a holistic and balanced perspective of how to cope with early grief and I share all of that with you.

The course modules include:


Understanding Grief – recognising that you are not going crazy, everything you feel is normal and that cultural myths don’t help in trying to ‘fix’ your pain; understanding what your grief uniquely means to you; identifying how others can support you and to ask for what you really need


How grief affects the body and mind – understanding the major impact of grief on us, both physically and mentally, and practical techniques to manage this to help you cope with daily tasks and activities; includes a full Progressive Muscle Relaxation to release tension in our body and mind


The emotional response to grief – learning that the complexity of grief can result in confusing, mixed emotions which is normal and understandable; the significant therapeutic value of expressing your emotions to work through your pain; understand how expressing ourselves creatively acts as a witness of our pain 


Self-compassion and why you need it – you will learn ways of how you can be kinder and gentler towards yourself, why you should listen to your instincts, acknowledging your limitations and that it’s OK to accept where you at this moment; recognising that losing a loved one changes you … not for better or worse … but to try and understand ways in which you may feel differently after loss


The 4 principles of CALM – how to use CALM as an anchor in extremely stressful or anxious moments, teaching you how to breathe well, tapping into your senses to manage overwhelm and anxiety, the importance of linking up with others to get the right support you need and the benefits of movement and gentle exercise to release natural endorphins to boost your wellbeing and ability to cope 

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