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Julia Sinclair-Brown

Life changes. Constantly.

We are always in a state of flux, we just don't notice it. But we do notice how life can be beautiful one moment, and desperately sad the next.


Coping with significant life-changing loss always remains the most challenging aspect of our lives.

It may be easier to accept a loss when we have chosen to make the change even though it can still prove difficult and challenging. In reality, we experience transitions and grief in so many aspects of our lives including bereavement, divorce, redundancy, retirement, parenthood, injury and illness, moving home, bankruptcy, empty-nest syndrome, mid-life crisis, loss of normalcy and so on... and often, only when faced with such adversity, do we realise the wealth of internal coping mechanisms we have within us in order to adapt to the huge change in our life.

However, there are some losses which are so painful that we cannot easily overcome or transition through them. All we can then do is to find a way to live alongside it, to sit with it. There may not be a message of personal growth in every life change or a desire to become more resilient from it, it simply ‘just is,’ but as a culture we’re not very good at accepting that some things cannot be fixed.

We may begin to question how we should cope, whether there’s a greater meaning or purpose to our lives and understandably, fear around the unknown and our future.

In a culture that is often known as being ‘grief averse,’ I understand that you may feel isolated in your grief, that others don't understand your pain. Nobody should ever feel like that. I know, because I've been there too


It is my hope that I can support you with warmth, compassion and connectedness. A place for you just to be yourself, totally. That's all we're really seeking when we're in deep pain.

And to help you to live again, as fully as you possibly can. Not in a way which dismisses your loss and hurries you along to recover from it but one where you live alongside your loss - accepting that you are changed from it but knowing that your life can still be rich and fulfilling. It's just different.

I hope to accompany you on your journey.

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